There are no absolute certainties about which option is best for you and your circumstances.

On the one hand, buying a home is a capital investment; on the other hand, it is expensive to maintain and may end up as a losing investment.

The debate circles round and round.

Explore the ups and downs of the debate and get excellent information on getting the best on the market, whether you are looking to rent, buy, or buy to rent.


Taking care of your home is an instinctive nesting response – your home is an investment and the place that shelters your family or is your personal sanctuary.

These blog posts cover everything you need to feel good about your home, from getting an extra sparkle on your windows to choosing the best color for your walls to prompt creativity in your home office.

Then, there is the dark side of home management – dealing with pests and intruders. No one wants to wage war on mother nature, but raccoons belong in the woods and not in the attic.

Natural living doesn’t mean a welcome mat for home invaders, and you can use techniques and tips to keep your home pest-free and eco-friendly.

Your home is where you can be yourself, enjoy and cherish your home as your tastes change and adapt with fun and light-hearted articles for inspiration. 


Sometimes, when you read an article on a subject, it helps to have a handy link to that topic’s best products.

You need information, and if it is a practical matter, it makes sense to include some shopping options if you want to implement some changes in your home or garden.

These product reviews focus on essential appliances, home interiors, and home improvements and provide an extra benefit to the quality information on the main topic. These topics cover the factors that inform the buying decision.

When shopping online or in-store, you often face a bewildering array of products that might work for you but little in the way of deciding factors.

Armed with the power to determine what is best for you in any product line, you can shop with confidence, knowing what features you need and which do not matter.


A love of architecture adds a new dimension to your travels. You don’t need to be a professional architect to enjoy the architectural marvels of the world.

This section explores ancient and modern architecture, giving an insight into the world’s notable buildings and how architecture mirrors and shapes each generation; Art Deco to Brutalism – understanding history by exploring the monuments left behind.

Architecture is the foundation stone of all science.

A desire to build better structures birthed an understanding of mathematics and innovation, and developments like solar panels. New building materials and techniques continue to shape a changing and developing world and out into space.

Here you find ideas to inspire you through the incredible power of architecture as art, with solid information backed up by science; Combining the twin approaches of art and science, familiar to every architect in entertaining and thoughtful writing.


Architecture covers an immense range from parks and landscapes to signature skyscrapers. When you are thinking about becoming an architect as a high schooler or a mature student, you find the information and resources to help guide you on your path.

Committing to studying architecture means devoting a substantial amount of time, and you want to find the area that most motivates and inspires you.

Architects design and work in many building design areas – residential housing, parks, hotels, industrial buildings, and interiors. When you are on the outside looking in, it can be challenging to work out your best options.

You don’t want sugarcoating or to view it through rose-colored glasses. You want an inside look at what it means to be an architecture student.

From that first idea that you want to study architecture to plotting your ideal path to doing what you love for life – this website gives you help and support on your journey.

do architects draw by hand in architecture

Do Architects Still Draw by Hand?


Architects don’t stop learning and developing after they graduate. Finding and maintaining your professional niche is an ongoing project. You need continuing professional education, new areas to specialize and a healthy dose of worldwide inspiration.

Increasingly clients want sustainable building expertise, and that means gaining qualifications that prove you mean green business. Are you seeking current trends and topics for further study and development?

You find bite-sized, genuinely interesting, and helpful material that you can read over a cup of coffee on these pages.

Creative people are busy people, and you need resources to market yourself, connect with your peers and find valuable tools for you to use in your daily work.

Plus, you enjoy the lighter side of architects’ lives – dealing with the mysterious and perplexing client base to the tricky world of finding a plus one for your next family party.

alternative career options for architects

Alternative Career Options for Architects