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Architecture is and always has been about creating safe spaces inside and out for people like you. Architecture appeals to the professional builder and the amateur interior designer.

You may be interested as a potential student, a career architect, or an enthusiastic homeowner. This website caters to all types of interest, from lighthearted to serious discussions.

The blog series aims to bring you practical, actional information on studying architecture, developing your architect career, or maintaining and improving your home. Signposting you to resources, heaps of information, and the occasional burst of laughter is the goal.

Architecture is a science and an art that inspires awe in immense cathedrals and goes unremarked in a public park’s subtle design. Everyone who ponders what color to paint their walls or has an opinion on the shape of windows shares some element of architectural inspiration.

Here you find hints, tips, and insights to living better with architecture.


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