Don’t Date an Architect (12 Reasons Revealed!)

Architects are members of one of the oldest and most respected professions, so why turn down a date from an architect?

The reasons why not to date an architect include:

why not to date an architect

1. Competition with their First Love

Architects are passionate people, but they may be more passionate about their work than you.

No one wants to be second best, and if their next project fills their mind, there is not a lot of room for you and your needs.

To be fair, most architects can concentrate on more than one project at a time, but if you demand top billing in your partner’s life, then an architect may not be your best date.

2. Lack of Time

Architects typically work long hours, and depending on their job, they may work for weeks or months in another State or country.

That does not leave much time for dating, and you might have to get used to last-minute cancellations.

An absent date is probably worse than no date at all as you attend your work’s summer BBQ on your own, again.

Plus, when your architecture date turns up for movie night, there is a good chance they will either fall asleep (too tired) or stress about the wrong film settings.

3. Obsessed with Design

An architect is a designer, and if you are interested in design and art, that personality may suit you. But you may prefer to have mismatched cushions and dress for comfort rather than style.

Perhaps you don’t want to have your cooking pots looking like an art installation, and the lines of a chair don’t feature in your worry list.

Happiness lies in sharing values with your date, and if design does not matter to you, that is a good reason why not to date an architect.

4. Never Not an Architect

You can take your architect date for a walk in the park, and they will tell you about the Italian renaissance influencing the formal layout of the flowerbeds.

You can go out for dinner, and they will ignore the menu in favor of drawing an alternative floor layout or worrying about the light fittings not matching the artistic style.

Your architect’s “work” surrounds them everywhere.

If you prefer to concentrate on throwing bread for the ducks rather than debating the fountain’s placement, you won’t enjoy the constant stream of information.

5. One Architect is Enough

The degree, internship, and route to license are long, and most architects form their deepest and most abiding friendships with other architects.

If you are not an architect, you will find yourself on the fringes of most conversations when going out with a group of your architect date’s friends.

6. No Celebrity Lifestyle

Dispense with the idea that all architects are rich and famous. If you are interested in a date that will shower you with diamonds and treat you to a walk down the red carpet, you are looking at the wrong profession.

(You can read the post on architects’ salary if you are interested)

Most architects earn a comfortable living, and only the exceptional few earn six-figure salaries and design landmark projects splashed all over the headlines.

Plus, architects are only ever really famous to other architects.

Don’t believe that?

Write down the names of six spectacular buildings from around the globe. Now try and write down the name of the architects that designed them.

Do you see it?

People remember the buildings and not the architect. They are more likely to remember the guy who paid for the building than the architect.

7. Educational Vacations

When you get some time off, how do you like to spend it?

Your architect date probably has a list of all the buildings, parks, and other architectural marvels they intend to pack into their vacation.

Plus, they are super organized and will have a plan and an itinerary. At best you can compromise and spend time apart on holiday, but is that what you want?

Furthermore, how many holiday snaps of architectural features do you need in your life?

8. Attracting the Wrong Attention

Architecture skills are in high demand, and many people want some free architectural advice when available.

When you date an architect, prepare for distant relatives and friends to attempt to get some free professional advice.

It’s odd, no one asks a dentist to look at their teeth at a party, but your friends will have no problem wanting some advice on remodeling their kitchen.

9. Your Parents Love Them

In theory, it is great when your parents like your date, but no one wants their parents to prefer the date to their child.

Architects are pleasant and charming – they learn that skill by working with demanding clients, grumpy contractors, and angry officials.

It is hard to resent the idea that your parents love your date, but every relationship has its sticky patches, and you prefer your parents to be on your side.

10. Always Teaching

Do you love learning?

Date an architect.

Your architect date can’t stop themselves from sharing what they know with you at every available opportunity.

Coffee is not just coffee; it’s a process, it’s a lifestyle, and it impacts the environment.

Why does that matter your architect date?

Everything matters to your architect date.

11. Gift Buying Nightmare

That eye for design means anything you buy for your architect date has to pass their internal criteria of what makes a good item.

Finding the right gift for someone is bad enough but finding a gift for someone who feels the urge to redesign the thing on sight is a nightmare.

Not all architects are like that, but it is something to watch out for.

What about the gifts they buy for you?

Naturally, you can’t complain, because they will explain in detail why this item is the best of its kind (for the price).

12. Control Freaks

An architect has good reasons for needing control over all the details, their employees, and paperwork. Your architect date spends their long working day making decisions about everything.

That habit does not switch off when they turn up on a date.

On the Other Hand

Architects are people first and architects second. An architect may love their work but then so does a doctor, engineer, or gardener.

The bottom line on deciding why not to date an architect is how you feel about them as a person.

All relationships need compromise and discussion, and your architect date may rock your world, but you will never know if you turn down that date.