Dating an Architect (12 Solid Reasons You Should!)

Here is why you should date an architect – architects are simply the best in so many ways but so often overlooked.

Consider the evidence for why you should date an architect:

why you should date an architect

#1 There is Nothing Wrong with Nice

Architects get the label of being nice people – accountants, lawyers and bankers have a different reputation.

Still, for some reason, when people think about architects, they assume all architects are nice and possibly boring.

Nice people are good date material but so often passed by as if niceness were somehow a failure.

Architects spend their working day dealing with other people’s dramas. You don’t survive as an architect without learning to be uniformly pleasant and well nice.

Don’t pass up on a date with an architect because you don’t date nice people – unless you enjoy your date turning up late, being rude to the waiter, and ignoring you most of the time.

#2 See Your City Through New Eyes

You may think you know everything about your city, but date an architect and discover the city most people ignore. You have not experienced a city properly until you go for a walk with an architect.

It is worth dating an architect just for the personal tour guide to open your eyes to the hidden gems surrounding you.

Architects come in all flavors – buildings, urban landscapes, city parks, and some other exotic industries like games and films. Whatever the architect’s flavor, they can still explain the how and why behind any cityscape.

#3 Broaden Your Horizons

It depends on the architect’s firm, but some architects get to spend time on overseas projects, and most architects enjoy visiting other cities for design ideas.

If you enjoy travel and want to see the world, an architect is one of the best partners.

It is a bit of a leap going from a first date with an architect to planning your next vacation but surprise yourself by considering the possibilities.

#4 Design Crazy

How have your past dates responded when you want to go shopping for new furniture, cookware, or clothing?

Less than enthusiastic?

When they (reluctantly) come along for the trip, do they add anything useful to your search?

Architects are different, some may say they are obsessed with design, but one thing is sure – shop with an architect.

When you date an architect, they will take your budget, find out your desires and help you find something affordable, functional, and stylish. They have opinions and do their research on everything.

Architects are creative creatures, and you can find them in fashion, furniture, and many other design-related fields that architects venture into.

#5 Invested in People

Most architects are into pro bono and community work as part of their portfolio. They may tell you it is for the exposure and networking opportunities, but really, they love helping others.

It is one of the nicest things about dating an architect.

They care about you, their neighborhood, the environment, and the kid in a wheelchair that needs a ramp to go to school.

Architecture is about making life better for people, and when you date an architect, you are one of those people they care about.

Before you know it, you will be pulling on your work boots and helping to put together an adventure playground in your spare time.

Date an architect and get involved.

#6 Turn Up

Architects work long hours and with multiple projects. An architect is excellent at scheduling meetings, work sessions, and dates.

That’s a big plus for you because nothing kills a relationship quicker than a persistently late date who forgets your birthday.

You can have spontaneity when you date an architect – remember to get it on the schedule.

#7 Tune In

Have you ever been on a date where you barely say three words during the evening?

When you talk, you can see that no-one is listening – your date is too busy taking a breath to launch into their next speech all about their magnificent self.

Date an architect and experience the joy of someone who not only listens to you but understands and involves themselves in your worries. It is a part of an architect’s job to hear what a client or a contractor is telling them.

It goes beyond mere listening with an architect. You get heard!

#8 Energize

If you want to boost your energy levels, and rediscover your enthusiasm, hang out with creative people.

Many professions require creative thinking, but architects go a step further – they make and think and imagine.

Typically, architects are happy people who love their work, and that good energy is infectious.

#9 Good with Kids

Building blocks, outdoor toys, construction, design, and creativity are all part of an architect’s tool kit when it comes to amusing children.

Why are you interested in that your date is good with kids?

At some point, you may want to introduce your architect to your extended family, and there are bound to be children in the mix. Or, further down the road, you might want a family.

You can’t fake being good with kids; architects genuinely enjoy the company of other people and like to teach and inspire young minds.

As character traits go, would you rather date someone who is good with kids or someone that terrifies them?

#10 Date a Grown-up

It takes years to become an architect, and an architect learns to manage time, money, people, and most importantly themselves.

Add in a focus on safety and care for others, and the result is a well-earned maturity.

A young attitude is different from a date looking for a parent figure. Sadly, too many people remain dependent on others to look after them – a proper relationship involves team working and architects are great in groups.

If you are ready to date a grown-up, consider dating an architect.

#11 Ready to Commit

There are two types of dates – the one you go on because you need something to do in the evening and the search for a potential life partner.

One of the biggest reasons why relationships fall apart is the inability on one side to commit to another person.

Perhaps it is a learned behavior or a character trait – either way, you don’t have to worry that your architect date is a commitment-phobe.

Architects dedicate and commit themselves to projects, designs, and everything else because that is the way they work. The type of people who become architects are hard-wired for commitment.

#12 Smart Enough Not to Cheat

It turns out that the human capacity for faithfulness links to intelligence levels. If you don’t want to date a cheat, then look for an intelligent date.

Smart people remain faithful to their partners.

Short of giving every date an IQ test before considering going out for lunch, you can look for other intelligence indicators -like being a smart architect.

Please Date an Architect

Architects are lovely people, but they work long hours and if you know an architect, consider asking them out on a date. You can take an architect home to meet your parents, wander down a city street, or just hang out and have fun.

Remember, architects have many outstanding qualities, but they are still people with all the plusses and minuses involved.

Not every architect will be a mature individual, and some may prefer snowboarding to sketching buildings when on vacation.

Deciding to date another person because they are an architect is a mistake. You should date an architect because you are attracted to them and let time in their company reveal everything else.

P/S – Some of these questions to ask an architect on a date will make a great ice breaker if you are dating one.