55 Useful Websites for Architects & Interior Designers (Curated)

Start searching for anything to do with architecture and design on the internet, and within a few seconds, you get over 4 million search results.

How do you pick the best websites for architects and interior designers out of that forest of potentials?

The website that is best for you depends on what you need from your desktop research. You get online magazines, community hubs, blogs, and many more, each offering something of value for their audience.

You may be looking for:

  • Inspiration – project galleries with specifications and drawings.
  • Products – directories and articles featuring and reviewing what is new and hot.
  • Resources – learning about new techniques, software, podcasts, and trends.
  • CPD – courses, podcasts, articles, and events.
  • Projects and clients – directories, competitions, and awards.
  • Help and advice – community forums.
  • News – articles in online magazines.
  • Employment – some offer jo boards.
  • Entertainment – blogs and articles.
  • Marketing – some offer the option to upload your projects.
  • Networking – community contact.
  • Education and qualifications – LEED accreditation.
  • Special interests – tall buildings or minimalist living.
best websites for architects and interior designers

Best All-round Websites for News, Projects, and Jobs

These are the best websites for architects looking for a mixture of news, articles, galleries, and job boards.

#1 Dezeen.com

website for architects

Dezeen is a digital magazine with an average of 3 million monthly readers.

What does it offer?

  • Magazine style news features split into architecture, interiors, and design.
  • Digital magazine features – talks, podcasts, interviews, and opinions.
  • Events guide – global listings.
  • Product promotion section in the showroom.
  • Regular competitions and awards, including an annual design award.
  • Individual job board – with an email alert, see below.
  • Free subscription by email.
  • You can submit a project to feature as an article.
  • You can submit comments and interact with staff and other architects.

#2 DezeenJobs.com

websites for architecture jobs

A dedicated standalone website promotes job roles available in the architecture industry. Employers pay to post job vacancies; job seekers create an account for free.

Why bother?

Dezeen is one of the best websites for architects and designers looking for inspiration. Plus, if you upload one of your projects, you can potentially have a global audience of millions.

It is an excellent architecture news website, and the dedicated jobs board is ideal if you are looking to move employment.

#3 ArchDaily.com

architecture website

A digital magazine with 13.6 million monthly readers. You get translations into Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish as well as English.

What does it offer?

  • Searchable project database uploaded by architects across the globe.
  • News pages with features of interest to architects and designers.
  • Monthly topical features with calls for information, interviews.
  • Product showcase.
  • BIM project section with projects and helpful articles.
  • Interviews with architects and designers.
  • Architecture competitions.
  • Global events listing.
  • You can create an account and set up a portfolio of content that interests you.
  • You can submit project (completed and planning) information for the database.

Why bother?

ArchDaily is one of the best websites for architecture students and others who look for practical information to help get the most out of their BIM software. It is a great architecture news website, and the searchable project database gives you endless inspiration.

Uploading your project gives you the potential of an enormous global audience for your work.

#4 Architizer.com

website for architecture students

Architizer is a digital magazine with about 335,000 individual members from around 25,000 firms.

What does it offer?

  • Architecture competitions and awards.
  • News and articles.
  • Project gallery.
  • Inspirational images in a searchable database.
  • Directory of architecture and design firms with contact details and three illustrations.
  • Product gallery.
  • Directory of architectural product suppliers.
  • Individuals job board.
  • Free to join as a member – open to architects, manufacturers, and consultants.
  • Upload project details.
  • Evaluate building products.

Architizer may not have the reach of Dezeen and ArchDaily, but it means that you can be more visible as an architect with your projects.

It is one of the best websites for architects to present their contact details and projects in an attractive style. It is also a useful resource for obtaining product and supplier information.

Other Magazines for Architects and Interior Designers

A selection of online and print magazines:

#5 Arch2o.com

good websites for architects

Arch2o is another online magazine that lets you share projects and see interesting snippets of architectural news.

What do you get?

  • Project galleries – covering architecture, interior design, design materials, and art.
  • Magazine features – articles, interviews, and news.
  • Sign up for a free newsletter.
  • Upload a project.

#6 ArchitectMagazine.com

best online architecture magazines

The website promotes subscriptions to the American Institute of Architects’ journal as a digital or print copy.

What do you get on the website?

  • Project gallery
  • Product directory
  • Architecture firm directory – plus a salary survey and guide
  • Features including book reviews, video, and podcasts under the culture heading.
  • Access to awards and competitions
  • Events listing.
  • CPD course listing.
  • A page devoted to news and features about the AIA (American Institute of Architects).
  • You can upload a project.
  • Subscribe to a free newsletter.
  • Subscribe to the magazine.
  • Join the AIA.

Why Bother?

You get plenty of free resources, useful professional information, project inspiration, and the opportunity to upload your projects.

#7 Metropolismag.com

online magazine for designers urban planners architects

This New York-based online magazine is geared towards architects, interior designers, urban planners, and designers in general.

What do you get?

  • Feature articles.
  • News.
  • Awards
  • Building products information.
  • Video interviews with leading industry figures.

#8 ArchitecturalDigest.com

good architecture websites

This website supports subscriptions to Architectural Digest – a monthly magazine promoting the world of architecture.

You get a mixture of features, articles, podcasts, and videos giving you a preview of the magazine. It is an opportunity to see if the magazine is worthwhile.

#9 ArchitectureLab.net

good architecture websites

An online architecture magazine.

What do you get?

  • News items.
  • Project gallery.
  • Competition ad event promotion.
  • Features – videos and interviews about architecture and the built environment.
  • Book and magazine reviews.
  • Product reviews.

Why bother?

You can sign up for a free newsletter and access information and inspiration for free.

#10 ArchitectsJournal.co.uk

online architecture journal

The website features information about subscribing to The Architects Journal. You get some free information and some subscribers-only access.

Subscribers only:

  • Unlimited access to articles and a print magazine (digital-only option available).
  • Portfolio of case studies and specifications.
  • Library of building designs that you can download and use.
  • Email alerts.

What do you get on the website for free?

  • News items.
  • Features and articles.
  • Opportunities board – projects and competitions.
  • Podcasts.
  • Video.
  • Events listing.

Complimentary free access is limited to a few articles and items before you lose access.

#11 Gooood.cn/?lang=en

great architecture websites

Beijing-based website providing an online magazine showcasing architecture, landscape, and interior design. The site is mainly in Chinese with English translations.

Over 1 million pageviews a month, and this Chinese website ranks in the top 10 globally for architecture.

What do you get?

  • Project gallery.
  • Architect showcase and interviews.
  • Jobs board.
  • Client matching service.
  • Free publication of articles if approved – photos, description in English, and plans.
  • App available so you can browse content on mobile devices.

#12 Mooool.com/en

website for designers and architects

Chinese language design website with an English translation – similar to the one above, but focusing on landscapes.

You get access to a project gallery, directory of design companies, directories, and a jobs board.

#13 DesignBoom.com

great websites for designers

Digital magazine for architecture and design with around 3 million monthly readers.

What do you get?

  • Articles – architecture, art, design, and technology.
  • Video interviews and resources.
  • Competitions.
  • Product showcase.
  • Sign up for the newsletter (daily or weekly).
  • Contribute content about projects.

#14 Dwell.com

useful websites for designers and architects

An online magazine featuring design and architecture. The website gives a taste of what is available in the Dwell+ magazine, and it encourages you to subscribe.

What do you get?

  • How to guides covering everything from how to place your mirrors to fitting out a campervan.
  • Image gallery of buildings and interiors.
  • Tours of houses, rooms, cabins, and other structures.
  • Articles and videos with a heavy emphasis on prefab homes.
  • Product showcase.
  • Real estate listings.

#15 Architonic.com

useful website for architecture students

A website with a community feel – galleries, showcases, and architect and designer profiles. It has annual viewing figures of 16 million.

What do you get?

  • Showcases for products for design and construction.
  • Newsletters.
  • Brand guides for major trade fairs.
  • Directories, including architects, manufacturers, designers, and consultants.
  • News and features.
  • Sign up with a free account and submit projects and other content.

#16 TheSpaces.com

best websites for design students

A digital magazine looking at stylish living from an architectural viewpoint.

What do you get?

  • Weekly property listing for sale or rent.
  • News items – all featuring buildings.
  • Features on architecture.
  • Features on interior design.
  • Features on art with a design for living theme.
  • Features on travel with a focus on the hotel buildings.
  • Sign up for a newsletter.

#17 World-Architects.com/en

great architecture websites

A digital magazine and architect community.

What do you get?

  • Architect directory.
  • Project gallery.
  • Jobs board.
  • Global events listing.
  • Digital magazine – articles, news, and features.
  • Themed special interest topics.
  • Competitions and awards.
  • You can become a member.

#18 ArchPaper.com

architecture newspaper online

A digital range of weekly newsletters for architects, or you can pay for a print edition of newspapers – 8 issues of Architects news and three issues on interior.

Registered architects and landscape architects get a free year. Students can get a discounted subscription.

What do you get?

  • Features on architecture.
  • Features on art.
  • Features on design.
  • Features on the urban landscape.
  • Awards and competitions.
  • Conference listings and reports.
  • Events and competitions.
  • Job listings.
  • Product directory.
  • News items.
  • You can subscribe to the newsletters and the print copies.

#19 Architectureau.com

best websites for architects and designers

This website is a digital magazine with an Australian focus. Content comes from all the leading magazines in Australian architecture.

It partners with the Australian Institute of architect’s national magazine along with others.

What do you get?

  • Australian architecture news articles.
  • Access to a product selector database.
  • Australian projects gallery.
  • Competitions and awards.
  • Features – focus on Australian issues.
  • People news.
  • Events listing.
  • Invitation to subscribe to a range of print magazines.

Can you get involved?

You can sign up for a free newsletter and potentially submit content.

#20 HomeAdore.com

best websites for home improvement

An online digital magazine featuring architecture and design for inspiration with around 20,000 daily readers.

You get limited free access, but you can set up a free account and sign in for unlimited exploration.

What do you get?

  • Showcase of architecture projects.
  • Showcase of interior projects.
  • Showcase of landscape projects.
  • Showcase for furniture and lighting.
  • Miscellaneous feature articles about lifestyle and gadgets.
  • Online shop for interior design.

You can sign up for the newsletter and submit projects. You can set up a free account to access website content without limits.

#21 Architectural-Review.com

free architecture website

A digital and print magazine covering the world of architecture – old and new buildings.

What do you get?

  • Free to read features if you create a free account (up to three per month).
  • Long-form articles (essays) covering many topics regarding old and new buildings.
  • Archive of building projects.
  • Global perspective by country of architecture issues facing today’s architects.
  • Architects directory.
  • Competitions and awards.
  • Video interviews with architects.
  • Cultural podcasts.
  • Student section.
  • Access to digital magazines – subscribers only.
  • Online shop for printed material and resources.

To get full access to the website resources, you need to pay for a subscription as free access is limited.

#22 e-Architect.co.uk

best website for architecture

Searchable article and news database for architects.

What do you get?

  • News articles from across the globe.
  • Access to architecture city walking tours – directory and contacts.
  • Project galleries – global.
  • Architect directory – global.
  • Events listings.
  • Competitions.
  • Product showcase.
  • Jobs board.
  • Article archive.
  • Useful books directory.

You can submit content for potential publication, but other than that, the website is a resource and does not have a newsletter.

Best Social Networking for Architects

These are the best websites for architects to make contact with other architects and related professionals.

#23 Archello.com

networking website for students

Run in a similar style to a social network to make connections, attract followers, and upload content. It has a membership of around 40,000 firms.

What does it offer?

  • News.
  • Product directory.
  • Extensive project gallery.
  • Database of uploaded architectural drawings.
  • Extensive brand directory – architects, engineers, manufacturers, designers through to consultants and artists.
  • Global events listing.
  • Individual architect’s picture collections – think Pinterest for architects.
  • You can become a member (free) and upload projects, specifications, and drawings.
  • You can follow and post information.

Why bother?

Archello is one of the best websites for architects who want to access help and advice from other professionals.

It is more targeted than Linkedin (source), and you can curate your inspirational collection of images and drawings for future projects.

#24 Archinect.com

good website for architects and interior designers

This website acts as a social network for architects across the globe.

What does it offer?

  • News and features.
  • Events.
  • Competitions.
  • Individual job boards.
  • Community section for networking.
  • Educational section – architectural schools, blogs, and news.
  • You can sign up with a free account and start to build connections with other architects, and join in the discussion forums.

Why bother?

Talking shop with fellow professionals lets you bounce ideas and solve problems in less time.

#25 ArchiLovers.com

great website for architecture

This website provides a social network for architects and designers.

What do you get on the website?

  • Database of people and teams with photographs, followers, and project numbers.
  • Database of projects as a list, map, or with themes, materials, and elements.

You can only interact and post if you join up as an individual or team.

#26 ArchitectureAndDesign.com.au

best websites for architectural design

A digital hub providing information and resources for commercial architects, designers, and constructors.

The hub provides the website, daily e-newsletter, and a quarterly magazine—community social networking opportunities for members.

The focus is on Australia.

What do you get?

  • News.
  • Projects gallery.
  • Products showcase.
  • Suppliers directory.
  • Podcasts.
  • CPD resources.
  • Awards and competitions.
  • Option to purchase back issues of the magazine.
  • Access to resources like e-books and whitepapers on various subjects.

You can subscribe and join the community to take part in discussions about projects and news.

Best Websites for Architect’s Professional Life

Websites maintained by the various architectural institutes provide education, news, courses, and CPD.

#27 Architecture.com

best architecture websites

This website provided by RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) gives local and international information.

There are levels of membership from a student (free) to fellows. People on low incomes can join for a reduced fee.

The focus is on education and providing resources to architects at all stages in their careers. You can participate as a member, but you can access most of the website information for free.

What do you get?

  • A section where the potential client can match to an architect member.
  • What’s on guide to events.
  • Access to competitions and awards.
  • Educational material and CPD points.
  • Jobs board.
  • Resources – like standard contracts.
  • Products promoting architecture for gifts.
  • Access to membership services.

Why bother?

Career-minded architects involve themselves with professional institutes. The professional resources are useful for sole practitioners, and you get to advertise your services.

#28 AIA.org

good websites for architects

As the title suggests – this website is the digital home base of the American Institute of Architects.

It has around 95,000 members and a global reach.

What do you get?

  • Access to an architect’s directory.
  • Career information and help with CPD and finding a job.
  • Job board – with opportunities and the option to upload your resume (members).
  • Political lobbying and an update on progress.
  • Targeted events listing for your geographical area.
  • Topical articles and resources covering a broad variety of subjects.
  • Resources to build a better practice.

If you are an American architect, it makes sense to join the institute and get professional support with your career.

#29 USGBC.org

website for sustainability

This website is the home base of the US Green Building Council, and it promotes the benefits of LEED accreditation ad certification.

What do you get?

  • Educational resources for CPD and LEED exams.
  • Access to training and LEED qualifications.
  • Directories – projects, firms, people, and events on a global basis.
  • Some news and articles.
  • Set up a free account to access services.
  • Sign up for email alerts.
  • Sign up for the LEED examinations.
  • Become a paying member.

Why bother?

If you want the valuable LEED accreditation for sustainable building practices, you need this website.

#30 NCARB.org

websites for architects

Ncarb.org is the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB).

If you want to gain your license in architecture in the US, you sign up with them for your post-graduation experience tracking and examinations.

What do you get?

  • Resources to help you become an architect and progress to becoming licensed in your State.
  • Some news and events.
  • CPD courses, resources, and events.
  • Membership option.
  • Volunteering opportunity to serve on board.

Why bother?

If you want to chart your education path towards becoming a licensed architect, particularly in the US, you need this website.

Best Websites for Interior Designers Plus Architects

Some websites focus on interiors and lifestyle, with some dream architecture projects included in the gallery. These are useful for design inspiration and marketing to potential clients.

#31 Accredit-ID.org

best websites for interior designers

This website is the home base of the Council for Interior Design Accreditation. The accreditation helps provide a quality standard for Interior design professionals.

What do you get?

  • Educational resources.
  • Access to the accreditation process.

Why bother?

You can sign up as a member and work towards accreditation that reassures clients you are a professional interior designer.

#32 Contemporist.com

great website for designers

This website acts as a community gallery for images and information about projects covering architecture, interior design, and other cultural trends in art, travel, and design.

The travel and art sections focus on architectural interest – a wooden walkway in a Portuguese forest or a green hotel built inside a hill.

You get access to all the projects uploaded under any of the six featured categories – architecture, interiors, landscaping, design, art, and travel.

You can submit a project and sign up for a free newsletter.

#33 HomeAndDesign.com

websites for home design ideas

A combination of digital magazine and directory with a geographical focus on luxury living in Virginia, Maryland, DC, and Washington.

What does it offer?

  • Portfolios of architects, interior designers, products, and landscape architects.
  • Regular bi-monthly digital magazine.
  • Events listing – design and cultural.
  • You can subscribe (fee charged) and advertise.

Why bother?

This prestigious website is the best website for interior designers looking for luxury clients.

If you are an architect working in this geographical area, you definitely want to feature some news articles on this website to raise your profile with the cultural elite.

#34 InteriorDesign.net

best interior design websites

Website for the design magazine – print and digital, promoting subscriptions.

What does the website offer?

  • A guide to magazine content.
  • A directory to some products and materials.
  • Article submission details for various categories.

Why bother?

The website gives you a view of the magazine to assess if it is worth the subscription fee.

#35 InteriorZine.com

best online interior design magazines

A digital magazine lavishly illustrated with photographs giving you free access to project portfolios in interior design.

You can sign up for a free newsletter and submit project articles for inclusion – but these go through a screening process.

Why bother?

It is one of the best websites for interior designers looking for inspiration and offers the opportunity to publish your project.

#36 ApartmentTherapy.com

good websites for home design

Lifestyle website with interest in articles about happier home life.

What do you get?

  • Blogs – covering topical lifestyle hints and tips with interior design thrown in.
  • House tours -see other people’s interior design choices.
  • Gallery of style ideas and articles.
  • How to articles – general lifestyle and decorating.
  • Videos – lifestyle and virtual house tours.
  • You can sign up for a free newsletter.
  • Create an account so you can comment on articles and save images to a portfolio.

#37 Curbed.com

great websites for designers

New York-centric online magazine that combines input from various cultural sources.

What do you get?

  • The Cut – a news feed targeting women’s interests.
  • Grub street – all about food.
  • New York – news snippets about general news in New York.
  • Strategists -shopping and products.
  • Vulture – cultural news about film and the arts.

#38 Homedsgn.com

great websites for home design ideas

An online magazine for design and architectural inspiration.

What do you get?

  • Gallery of dream homes and restorations.
  • Five dedicated pages of different interior design trends – contemporary, modern, transitional, Scandinavian, and Mid-century.
  • Stunning galleries of house projects from converted shipping containers to modern and contemporary homes.
  • Galleries on apartment designs and conversions.
  • Numerous design features on landscapes, homes, and products.

You can submit projects and sign up for a newsletter.

Best Special Interest Websites

These websites have a narrow focus on a topic that interests their audience.

#39 SkyscraperCity.com

best websites for real estate listings

A free to join community forum devoted to high towers and skyscrapers with 901,000 members and growing.

What does it offer?

  • The option of free or premium membership.
  • Post pictures in the gallery.
  • Post details of projects in the showcase.
  • Start a discussion thread.
  • Comment on threads.

Why bother?

If your business is in high towers and skyscrapers, then the drawings available on this website are inspirational and artistic. There are some unique challenges to very tall buildings, and this is the community to join for that specialism.

It is one of the best websites for students looking for project information.

#40 SkyscraperPage.com

best websites for real estate listings

This website offers a searchable database of over 100,000 skyscrapers and tall buildings. Enthusiasts upload drawings.

What does it offer?

  • A searchable database of the world’s tallest buildings.
  • Forum to discuss the diagrams.
  • Tutorials on drawing techniques.
  • Interactive skyscraper map.
  • You can create an illustrator account and upload drawings.
  • You can join the forum pages and discuss topics relating to skyscrapers.
  • You can join as a guest with limited access or participate as a member (free).

SkyscraperPage is an enthusiasts website that is one of the best websites for architecture students to access quality drawings – ideal for inspiration and resources for architects designing landmark buildings across the world.

#41 Landezine.com

website for landscape architects

This website devotes itself to the promotion of landscape architecture worldwide and has around 250,000 monthly visitors.

What do you get?

  • Searchable project gallery.
  • Directory of landscape architects.
  • Products showcase.
  • Competitions and awards.
  • Free twice-monthly newsletter.
  • Upload a project.  – screened free of charge, but you pay a fee for publication if suitable.

#42 TreeHugger.com

best websites for sustainability

The website focuses on sustainable issues and approaches from a small to a large scale and has 120 million readers.

What do you get?

  • Twenty years of sustainability articles.
  • News.
  • Environmental resources and other wide-ranging topics.
  • Design section – tiny homes, architecture, design.

If you are interested in sustainability, you can get some excellent resources on this website.

#43 Inhabitat.com

best websites for green living

Green design and lifestyle website with many articles on news, design, lifestyle, and the environment.

You can sign up to receive emails—another website with sustainable issues as its primary focus.

#44 Leibal.com

best websites for minimalist

A mixture of curated gallery and online shop for products related to minimalist design in small spaces.

What do you get?

  • Gallery of architecture projects and interiors.
  • Furniture and product gallery.
  • Online shop.

You can sign up for a newsletter to find out about the latest featured products and projects.

#45 HomeBuilderDigest.com

website for home builders

This online magazine aims to inform and educate potential housebuilders and contact the right consultants, architects, and suppliers to help achieve their dreams.

It is a national magazine for the United States.

What do you get?

  • Articles.
  • Photo gallery.
  • Sign up for an estimate.
  • Access ranked recommendations for architects and builders.
  • Assess a consultant.

Can you get involved?

If you are looking to build your own home in the States, this website will broker contact with a professional in your area.

Useful Websites for Architects and Interior Designers

Some of the best websites for architects give you access to useful tools and apps.

#46 HomeStyler.com/int

best websites for interior design

This website offers 3D interior design software on a free and subscription (less than $20 per month) basis.

What does it offer?

  • Access to 3D interior design software.
  • Browse a gallery of designs.
  • Learn with teaching videos.
  • Learn helpful hints and tips with instructional blogs about 3D rendering.
  • Download a mobile app.
  • Create your own designs with a free or paid subscription.
  • Create your portfolio.

Why bother?

HomeStyler is one of the best websites for architecture students who need access to a 3D interior design tool for free.

It is useful for architects who occasionally do interior design, and it lets you try before you subscribe if you need more access.

#47 SunCalc.org

website for architects interior designers building designers

This free app calculates the sun’s position and the amount of daylight you get in any place.

It is primarily aimed at gardeners to determine ideal plant growing positions. It is useful in other circumstances:

  • Working out how much light will come into a room throughout the day.
  • Landscape architecture – where the shadows fall day and night.
  • Landscape architecture – planting decisions.
  • Construction site – the amount of natural light for safe working.
  • Architecture – available sunlight for solar heating.

#48 en.Wikiarquitectura.com

best websites for building designers

This website provides a free searchable database featuring architects and buildings.

You get access to detailed information about buildings and design projects. You can also be a collaborator and submit project information or help improve existing content.

It is one of the best websites for architecture students looking for practical information for course work.

#49 Divisare.com

good websites for architects and interior designers

This website bills itself as an atlas of architecture.

What do you get?

  • Project gallery with images and diagrams in some cases for highlighted projects.
  • Designer directory.
  • Photographer directory.
  • Alphabetical listing of contemporary architecture – links to projects.
  • Book shop – all books produced by Divisare and in print.

You can submit projects or photographs for publication – review and selection process as the publication is not automatic.

This digital atlas is one of the best websites for architecture research.

Best Websites to Explore Historical Monuments

If you can’t visit these architectural marvels, you can still gain insights into these architectural features and designs with these best websites for architects who want to explore past masters.

#50 en.Chateauversailles.fr

top website for architecture

This website promotes a visit to the Palace of Versailles – opening hours and book a ticket.

Alternatively, explore through the website resources – pictures, information, and diagrams relating to the palace and the grounds.

#51 Monuments-nationaux.fr/en/

top website for architecture

This website showcases the work of the French national monuments center -conservation and tourism.

You get a mixture of news, information, and resources about 100 plus national monuments.

#52 Sagradafamilia.org/en/home

best website for artists

This website supports the ongoing construction of Antoni Gaudi’s masterpiece Basilica.

You can explore the history of the construction to date, take a virtual tour of the Basilica and the Gaudi museum, and explore the image gallery. You can also plan a physical visit and book tickets.

Entertaining Design Blogs

Blogs provide a lighter read than a heavy-duty article and can often spark inspiration while you relax with a cup of coffee — most blogging websites for interior designers focus on fun elements about lifestyle.

#53 Decoist.com

best websites for designer and interior designers

Decoist is a digital magazine with daily ideas about architecture and design run by two bloggers interested in interior design.

They show interior design ideas for every room, and you can get regular inspiration from their free newsletter.

Decoist is one of the best websites for interior designers looking for inspiration and trends.

#54 OldBrandNew.com

best website for interior design

Website of the Old Brand New studio.

You can access blog articles covering interior design projects and ranging from projects to DIY upcycling. There is a section giving links to press items relevant to interior design from leading magazines.

You can sign up for a newsletter.

#55 JenWoodhouse.com

best websites on lifestyle and design

Jen Woodhouse writes this personal blog covering a range of lifestyle features.

There is an extensive project gallery covering DIY furniture, recipes, and crafts.

You can get free DIY plans, share your projects, and sign up for a newsletter.


Not every website will give you every feature you need, but you can select those that match your interests and mix and match between them to suit you and your projects.

Most websites offer free access, but some provide a subscription service to members – these often provide a free trial period for registered architects, landscape architects, and designers.

Besides these websites, podcasts for architects and designers are another excellent way for learning and inspiration.